I have started this blog with an aim to express my self and to write about my experiences. I do not write on politics or religion or any controversial subject because I do not find myself  capable enough to write on issues. I have lived a life that was peaceful and stormy at different times. My experiences have made me strong and resilient. I had more to life than thinking about politics or other issues… but religion … I am still at the very initial stages of  learning about religion…

There are issues in religion that confuse me. But I personally believe that our religion is a religion based on Logic. It is closest to human nature, that is why it is called as ‘Deen e Fitrat. ( to be contd)

But… this is not all …. I have, behind me long years of hardship, good and bad times, love and friendships, losses and gains, successes and achievements, falls and standing steadfast. Looking back those years I ask myself:

What have I gained from Life?

What have I lost in the years of battling with fate and circumstances?

How far am I prepared to meet my Creator?

How successful was my career?

How life has treated me?

To these and many more questions.. my write-ups, my poetry and memoirs are an answer. I am not a seasoned writer nor a poet, there are obvious flaws and shortcomings but in the end its my ‘Junoon’ … the expression of self in its naked form that probably counts…

Cheers..and happy reading !!!


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