Prophet (pbuh) … Symbol of Unity

unnamedPROPHET (PBUH) …. Symbol of Unity (1)

A chapter from ‘Syed e Konain’


Translation by: Nusrat Osama

As the evolution of man progressed, so did the coming of prophets. Each of them spread the message of Oneness of God in accordance with the need, customs and requirement of that particular age or era. When the time was ripe and in the eyes of God humanity had reacheed maturity, Allah SWT decided to send His most perfect and final messenger. The universality of Mohammad (pbuh)’s prophethood is not only the reason of the unity of the mankind in its entirity but also a proof that He IS the last messenger.

In sura e Ahzaab Allah SWT says:

‘Mohammad (pbuh) is not the father of any of your men; yes He is the  Messenger of Allah, and the last of one among all the prophets. And Allah knows all things.’ (ayat 40)

Quran is a revealed book beyond any doubt and suspicion. It brings within it a code of life for the entire humanity. It declares that it is ‘the message of Almighty’, that there will be no further revelations and that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is the last messenger of Allah for entire mankind for all ages to come.’ This book encompasses the teachings of all the previous heavenly books… the Bible, the Torah and Zabur. For all the coming generations till the Day of Judgement Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is the leader and the spiritual guide. His teachings will guide them not only in this world but in the hereafter as well. Ever since He was bestowed Prophethood the entire humanity entered one fold of unity ‘the ummah.’  Through the Quran, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) announced that Allah is the creator of Universe and He, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is ‘the Mercy for the Universe.’ Nations and tribes are meant for recognition, the greatness of humanity lies in the fact that all humans are born equal and all have equal right to work towards their evolution and development. Allah SWT says that Mohammad (pbuh) is a human being like others, with the difference that Allah sends revelations to Him through His angel Jibrail AS, and that He is chosen to be the Messenger of Allah SWT.

In sura e al Hujraat Allah SWT says:

‘O People! We created you from one man and one woman and made you branches and tribes that you may recognize one another. Undoubtedly, the most respected among you in the sight of Allah SWT is he who is more pious, verily, Allah is Knowing, Aware. (ayat 13)

This great truth has been revealed by the Creator, the expanse of whose knowledge is unimaginably vast and beyond doubt.

In sura e al Kahaf He SWT says:

‘Say You, in apparantly facial outlook of a man, I am like you, I receive revelations that your God is One God, then whosoever hopes to meet his Lord, he shoud do noble deeds, and not associate any one in the worship of his Lord.’ (ayat 110)

The Quran is giving examples of the oneness of nationalities, like the beads of a rosary, all nations have been been threaded in the single thread of the ummah, Its teachings are relevant for all ages and eras. In fact no leader or messenger who came before Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) claimed to be the leader of the entire humanity, neither did anyone present a universal code of life. It was His distinctive quality to verify and authenticate the coming of earlier Prophets and Holy Books. The Quran enumerates the names and life stories of a large number of prophets that came before Mohammad (pbuh). It is an essential part of every muslim belief to believe in the prophets, the holy books and the angels. The Quran, in clear words refutes the false accusations against the messengers and noble personalities of Allah. It even points out the changes made by the people in His revealed books.

On one hand the teachings of prophet Mohammad (pbuh)  extend the message of unity and harmony with other religions, and on the other indicates His prophethood is for the entire universe. His message was not limited to one nation. He eradicated the difference of black and white, Arab and non-Arab and said that the greatness of a person lies in his piety. He not only validated the Quranic injuction that Man is the noblest of animals, but also that Women are equally superior. He loved children and gave special instructions to deal with affection and love towards children.

In sura e Saba Allah SWT says:

‘And WE have not sent you except comprehensively to mankind as a bringer of good tidings and a warner. But most of the people do not know.’ (ayat 28)

In sura e al Saff Allah SWT says:

‘He it is who hath sent His Messenger with the guidance and religion of truth, that He may make it conqueror of all religions however much idolators may be averse.’ (ayat 9


Mohammad (pbuh)’s prophethood was an indication that the evolution of man’s intellect has reached maturity. No further messengers with miracles supporting their claims were required. Mohammad (pbuh)’s greatest miracle is the holy Quran, and He (pbuh) presented the holy Book as a proof of his prophethood. In clear words Allah SWT instructs man to use his intellect and observation in the light of Prophet (pbuh)’s Book and His teachings, reach the height of development and civilization and establish the viceregency of Allah.



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