The Tangible Quran (2)


The Tangible Quran (contd)

October 10, 2013 at 12:45pm
The Quran has been praised by Almighty Allah in the following words: “O People! There has come an admonition to you from your Lord, and healing of hearts, and guidance and a mercy for the believers.” (Surah e Yunus, ayat
In the same Surah, He says: “Say, You, (this book has been revealed) by only Allah, His grace and His mercy on it, therefore let them rejoice. That is better than all their wealth.” (Ayat 58)  

The above two ayaats declare the Quran a way of life for the mankind.

 Now note that in Surah Al Maida Allah Almighty praises Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and says: “Undoubtedly, there has come to you from Allah a Light and a Book luminous.” And further, “Allah guides there with him who followed His pleasure into the ways of peace and carries them to the light from darkness by His Command and shows the right path.” (Ayat 15)

 In Surah e Al Furqan Allah SWT says: “Blessed be He who sent down the criterion of (right and wrong) i.e this Quran to His slave Muhmmad (pbuh) that He may be a warner to the Aalameen (mankind and jinns). (Ayat 1)

 In Surah e Al Maida He says: “O people of the Book! Undoubtedly, there has come to you Our Messenger who makes clear to you Our Commands, after a break of the coming of messengers for a long time lest you say: ‘there came not to us any bearer of glad tidings or warner, then now there has come to you  bearer of glad tidings and warner. And Allah is protecting over everything.”(Ayat 19)

 Similarly there are many ayaats in the Quran that present Muhmmad (pbuh) as a spiritual guide, teacher of morality and a perfect example of Quranic teachings in its perceptible form. Another firm and repeated message of the Quran is that in order to obey Allah it is imperative to obey the Prophet (pbuh), because the Prophet (pbuh) does not say anything of his own, his words are the revelations of Allah and his actions are directed by the Supreme will.

 The Quran gives evidence of the high level of morals of the Prophet (pbuh). His nature, his truthfulness, his trustfulness and honesty is proven beyond any doubt. Before the revelation of Quran, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was forty years old. In these forty years all the tribes and communities of Arabia knew Him as Sadiq and Amin (truthful and trustworthy). Hence when He declared that Quran had been revealed to him and He was the last messenger of Allah, all the heads of tribes and people accepted his words as truth. Although some owing to their wilful nature and selfish ways tried to falsify him for a long time. But whosoever embraced Islam became firm believer of His teachings. The entire peninsula of Arabia had come under the folds of Islam before His death, and countless people had accepted Quran to be the Book of Allah and Muhammad (pbuh) as His last prophet.

 Had this Manifesto been revealed in the form of a book and not in the form of oral revelations on the Prophet (pbuh), it would have been difficult to accept it as the word of Almighty. Only the people who would have witnessed the angels bringing the book would have accepted it is a word from Almighty. In fact it was the honesty, the piety and strength of character and compliance of the Prophet (pbuh) that gave immortal strength to the Holy Scripture.

 Allah SWT supports His beloved Prophet in the following words: The unbelievers say ‘Why was the whole Quran not sent down all at once to Him? It was sent thus that we may keep your heart resolute. So We enunciated it step by step and distinctly.’ Furthermore “There is not an example they advance to which We do not give you a right answer ad better explanation.’ (Sura e Al Furqan ayats 32 and 33)

 In reality, we too accept Quran as a Holy Book and revelation of Allah SWT because we were told so by the Prophet (pbuh)

“Gufta e oo gufata e Allah bood

gar che uz halqoom e abudullah bood’’ (Rumi)

 (His speech was the speech of Allah, although it was narrated by a servant of Allah)

 His style of conversation, His speech, His mannerism, His teachings and His character depict the greatness and wisdom of Almighty. Light is a proof of sun so the greatness of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is a proof of Allah SWT.

(May Allah shower His blessings on you dear Dad, and grant you a high place in jannah, ameen)


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