The Tangible Quran (1)



Translation of a chapter from the book Syed e Konain (pbuh)

 By:  my late father Mr Shahid Ahmad

 Translation by: Nusrat Osama

The holy Quran addresses the entire humanity. It describes principles which when followed by a human being individually or in communion can take him to the highest level of glory. The history of the past fourteen hundred years tell us that not only the holy companions who were fortunate to be with the Prophet (pbuh), and those who came after them rose to become the most elite and mighty nation of the world but one after the other in every part of the world Muslim Ummah achieved worldly and spiritual glory. The Sahaba(RA) introduced the most civilized culture and customs to the non-Muslim nations.

 The Quran educates spiritualism to such a high degree that the Muslim achievers of this trait have been acknowledged by the entire world. If one part of the world boasts of Junaid and BaYazid, in the other Abdul Qadir Jilani and Moeen Ud Din Chishti were renowned. One part of the world is holy because of Kufa and Najaf,the other has Sirhind and Delhi to its credit. Somewhere in the world muslims withstand the lashes at the hands of cruel kings, and somewhere they happily lay down their lives for Allah.

The Quran teaches us to give everything in charity that is over and above our requirement.

(O Prophet)they ask you (in the name of Allah) what should we spend. Say, whatever exceeds your requirement.  (Sura e Al Baqarah219)

The Quran lays great stress on equality and brotherhood. It is incumbent upon those who have surplus to ensure that none go hungry or remain without clothes. Similarly the laws of welfare and discipline have been explained in a manner that the entire mankind is benefited and every person is respected and his safety ensured.

 The Quran explains the complete philosophy of creation in detail; the beginning of the earth and the skies; the system of stars and satellites; the secret of the evolution of mankind and other living beings. What was present in the universe before this world came into being? And the creation of Adam and his early life,creation of human beings and their early life and the historical development of mankind, going through different stages. The stories of the rise and fall of nations are told in minutest detail. The Quran gives us the rules to live and give longevity to life. It narrates in detail the life after death. Thus, the philosophy of creation on the one hand is complete with relation to the beginning and end of life and on the other declares Quran a complete manifesto of human race.

 Going through the history one can see that before the advent of Islam, man was treated most inhumanly by his fellow humans, he worshiped stone idols and prostrated before animals, the sun and the moon. The Quran calls the same human being the vice regent of Almighty and He called upon His angels to prostrate before His vice regent. The man was given the tidings that if he accepts this position than he must obey and follow the orders and rules ordained in the holy Quran. In return the entire universe will come under his command.

 These are but few of the secrets explained in the Quran. It circumscribes thousands of meanings and explanations to its words. Allah SWT says in His holy book that there are so many meanings of the verses that if you were to make ink of all the oceans put together and pen from all the trees of the world they would not be sufficient to write a fraction of the reality. Despite the entirety and such deep meanings of the various topics, Quran is eloquent and copious. The verses, apparently simple in understanding carry great depth. They are inspiring and complete in themselves; arrangement of words in verses produces a poetic effect when read in Qiraat. The aim is to attract the heart of the listener with its beauty. It is like the flow of a river and one feels that it is no ordinary speech, but the decree of a mighty king. The reader trembles if it talks of punishments and feels pleased when it talks of rewards uttering ‘SubhanAllah’.

 The Quran claims that if anyone has any doubt that it is but Allah’s speech than he may bring forth a verse similar to its smallest verse. Since the days of Musailma Kazzab no one has been able to write anything even close to its  smallest verse. The entire world knows that Quran has neither been changed nor subtracted or added upon by any one. This,being the miracle of Quran, and Allah SWT’s promise to safeguard His holy Book.Before the revelation of Quran hundreds of Arabic words were in common usage, but these have not been used in Quran. Those words became obsolete but the words of Quran are living forever.

 From all  that has been said above it is clear that Quran is not an ordinary book. In fact it is the Manuscript, the Dogma and the Manifesto of human beings. It is the litany of the past, present and the future course of his life. It  is the decree of Allah SWT, the All Powerful and Mighty for his vice regents. It was therefore necessary that for its understanding all possible efforts should have been made. Allah SWT delegated this responsibility to His beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The holy Book was revealed to Him slowly and in stages. The holy Prophet (pbuh) then explained the meanings, the aims, the secrets and the enigma of the Book through His addresses, His recitations and His actions. His life encompassed every aspect of individual, societal and national values. Thus the word of Allah SWT is apparent through the Quran and the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). As a father, a husband, a commander-in-chief, a king, a justice, teacher of morality, head of state, spiritual leader and a friend of mankind, His life was an embodiment of all.

 ( to be continued )


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