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The Globe Trotter’s Dairy : Los Angeles posted on Feb 18, 2013


It was the last week of December 2002, only a year and three months after the 9/11.The world was still raw after the attack on the Twin Towers. My daughter and I were travelling to USA under our surname Osama, a name that had become controversial, notorious and world famous overnight from a noble-man’s to that of an outcast and terrorist. As the plane landed at Los Angeles airport and we came out of the plane, I froze. On both sides of the chute armed soldiers carrying stein guns stood alert with their guns pointing down. I caught my daughter’s hand and whispered ‘We’ll die together.’ But of course, they were not there to shoot us down just because we were ‘Osamas’, the Americans were wary of all Muslim passengers and airliners. The 9/11 incident had changed the way the world looked at Muslims specially. Read the rest of this entry


The Globe Trotter’s Diary : Muscat posted on Nov 28, 2012


‘Hey mom! I thought I would be seeing an old lady with a stick in her hand, but you look as young as I last saw you,’ I heard my son say this with a twinkle in his eyes.  ‘Not younger than before?’ I teased him.  ‘May Allah keep you like this.’ He smiled as I embraced him. I was meeting my son after quite some time since he had moved to Muscat for his job assignment. This was my first visit to Muscat. Read the rest of this entry

Globe Trotter’s Dairy…. jeevan mein ek baar aana Singapore!! Posted on Sep 27, 2012


Destination 1. Singapore: Singapore is where my heart is. This is my debut journey to Singapore. I board ‘Aeroline’ a double decker luxury bus, my journey starts from ‘Corus Hotel, KL.’ The bus has all the amenities of an aeroplane including Wi-Fi, movie screens and a hostess to serve. The seats are comfortable and can be extended and withdrawn. I settle down and soon the journey starts. I sing a tune to myself. It is an old Indian film song ‘dekho ji dekho sunn lo ye baat, jeevan mein ek baar aana singapore’ I remember I was very young when I had heard this song on radio. At that time I use to wonder what is so special about Singapore that a song has been made on it. Now I was going to find out. Read the rest of this entry