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I enjoyed reading the article ‘English ain’t my tongue’ by Momi Qazi, a very interesting and unique idea, expressed in a humorous style. While reading and pondering over it I recalled an incident which I want to share with the readers. It is not only an eye opener but also provides some food for thought.

Unfortunately our educational system ever since our independence in 1947 – has been in an un-ending state of crisis, the results of which we see in the form of growing intolerance, injustice, lack of democratic norms, and lack of an educational foundation in our society. This educational divide has, over Pakistan’s history, manifested itself in several shapes and forms and has divided our society into factions at odds with each other. Be it ‘Religious’ vs. ‘Modern’, ‘English-medium’ vs. ‘Urdu-medium’, or ‘Matriculation vs. O Levels vs. International Baccalaureate’. The end product of all these schemes, without an exception, is an education system that creates differential access to educational opportunities for children and hence to economic opportunities later in their lives. These multiple streams of education systems prevalent in our society have become a cancer that has not only acted to deprive every citizen from benefiting from an equal opportunity but also the right to know and think.

The incidence that I am going to narrate is a real-life incident. Read the rest of this entry