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Stored in the deepest shelf of my heart, memories of my childhood are the treasures that I have been walking around with way too long. Today, when I pulled out the treasure I was struck by the liveliness of my memories, a sense of my childhood. I am not a seasoned writer and may not be able to do justice to those gems. But I am cutting and pasting the memories of my life like an amateur artist trying to work on a collage.

Freedom, innocence, play, fights, competitions, losing and winning, make- belief battles, we had everything in our childhood. What a golden period it was. There was a novelty and ingenuity in our games.

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The Sugar and Spice of Life…


Long time back while travelling on a motorbike Athar used to sit in front of his dad and Ashar in my lap. I would put my arm around his waist to keep him from falling.  Twenty years later, I was once again travelling on the motor bike with my arm around Ashar… but this time from keeping myself falling off…. strange how time changes !!!