The Sugar and Spice of life



**** While writng the thesis for his PhD, athar e mailed some material for me to read. When i went through it I found it rather difficult to understand it was surely not my cup of tea. Jokingly, i replied to him… ‘yeh tum ne kia kuch likh dala….? Athar mein ne to tumko abcd sikhai thi…’  prompt came the reply..  ‘Mom…. ghorr se abcd hi hai.. only the sequence has changed….. ‘

**** During the construction of our house in Chaklala sch 3, i use to go and visit the site in the afternoon. On one such visit, khawar accompanied me. Together we went around the half built house, while coming down the stairs my foot slipped and i went crashing down the stairs, i had a terrible sprain in my back…. khawar got panicky then he looked around and held his hand for me to get up saying in a hushed tone..’ Mom..hurry get up no one has seen you..’ and i was laughing between tears of pain….


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