The Sugar and Spice of life

pexels-photo-185933.jpeg**** After getting an injection for some ailment, i said to my two year old daughter, ‘ beti mera haath daba do, dekho itna dard ho raha hai’ … ‘ daba do na werna mein ro parroon gi, ‘…..  two small chubby hands fell on my arm in an attempt to press… ‘ tum lo  lo ammi, ‘ …. and she turned away.

**** It was the day when the result of matric class of my younger son Ashar was due…. i had just finished saying my fajr prayers and was about to wrap up the praying mat, Athar entered the room, he was looking around as if expecting to see someone else in the room. ‘hey Mom!… plz pray for me, Ashar’s marks should be one less than mine’…. ‘ Athar,’ I said, ‘ this wont be fair’…. ‘Mom, plz one mark is not much, he should have one mark less’…. he pleaded… ‘Ok, i said, its God’s will’… he went away…. as soon as he was gone Ashar entered the room, he also came to me and said..’ Mom… u have to pray for me… i must get at least one mark more than Athar’…… (what a situation… i said to myself, both are asking for an edge over the other) …. when the result was announced…. i heard Ashar saying… ‘ aray yaar… Mom aap ne dua mein dandi maar di ‘… he had one mark less than Athar…God had upheld the seniority of the elder….


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