The sugar and spice of life…

pexels-photo-185933.jpegLife is full of small and big instances that add spice to life. These instances may  bring smile to our lips when remembered or make us sad….. In any case they are worth remembering . Sharing these with others might help to bring a speck of joy in someone’s life or relief that he/she is not the only one who go through bad times…

here i am sharing anecdotes and real life happenings.

Let me introduce my small family:

a) my late husband… lt Col Ahmad Osama Siddiqi

b) myself… any one can read my introduction in the blog.

c) my four illustrious children

Athar, Ashar, Khawar and Mehwesh. ( all are happily married and are enjoying their lives with their children and spouses.)

**** On seeing aaloo qeema on the dinner table one night, Ashar remarked:

‘Mom! is this this the same qeema ? ‘

‘ which qeema, son ? ‘

‘ the same we say…mustaqeema ‘

‘ no son.. this is not the same. this is made from the meat of a cow and one u are saying is the right path. ‘


**** Athar, the eldest, displayed his authority in some dispute by hitting the younger bro, Ashar.

‘ aray ! becharay ko kioon maar rahe ho? ‘ i intervened

the younger’s ego was badly hurt by my interference

‘maarnay deti na… mujhe bechaara kioon kaha ‘

****I had spent the whole evening helping my son khawar to memorize the words for dictation.He kept making mistake in the spelling of one particular word. By the time i was exhausted, he finally wrote the correct spelling.

In the morning when he was leaving for school, i asked him to spell the word.

‘ Oh! that word, mom! i will leave it in choice.

****One evening when the children came home after spending two, three hours in the play area, i was petrified to see their dirty clothes.

‘ Go and wash your clothes yourselves.’ this was meant to be a punishment…. both the boys went into the washroom very meekly. A short while later i heard the splashing and water running and their squabble over handling the mug and soap.  Just when I thought they had had enough, the door opened and a rosy cheeked face peeped..’ mom!  do u have more dirty clothes give us we will wash those too..’



  1. Good work mom ! keep it up ! btw .. the word was khirrrrrrki ! lol ! I did that once more in my life …when dad tought / grilled me with trigno..(maths) the whole night before my exam … and the next mornig I left it in the choice !!! but to be honest … I dont take chances if I am not sure !

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